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Hay Capital of the World

Half Million Dollar Lift Station Project

March 30, 2023

 Andrew Banta, P.E. Supervisory Civil Engineer Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service Okmulgee Service Area Muscogee (Creek) Nation said,  "the town of Inola is one of the areas that is being considered for over a half million dollars in assistance for the Green Valley Lift Station wastewater Project in the Town of Inola".

Banta said,  "when finalized, the funding will be available this year for the project".

When asked about the much needed funding Inola board of Trustee Billy Wilson said, that "Mayor Larry Grigg and he had been pursuing this additional funding for over a year". Wilson said, "this is exciting news and that these additional funds will go toward a much-needed project."

Mayor Larry Grigg said, "that these types of grants come about when you use a multi-level strategy when applying for grants." Mayor Grigg further stated, "this is great for the town and the Community." Mayor Grigg continued, "And the current Board of Trustees has worked well together in accomplishing these types of goals."

New Multi Million Dollar Sewer Improvements For Inola

April 3, 2023 from News Channel 6

A multi-million dollar project is in the works to improve Inola's sewer system.

Some of the infrastructure dates back to the 1960s and city leaders say the upgrades are needed because of strains on the current system. Mayor Larry Grigg says at the sewer plant they run about 250,000 gallons of water a day, but during heavy rain it can run up to several million gallons.

As a part of ongoing projects, the city plans to upgrade sewer lines in the middle of town in a half-mile radius and replace the clay tile pipes. Inola is also building new lines and pumps to transfer sewage, which will be sent to the Port of Inola in a few years. Inola recently received $10 million from ARPA to fund the project. Cherokee and Muscogee Nations also awarded Inola with $500,000 in grant money. Long term the city estimates they'll need to get an additional 8 million dollars to complete the entire project.

"We're going to be applying for grants hopefully we survive on sales tax we but also we could with new plants going in out there start drawing some ad valorem tax," said Grigg.

The city plans to start replacing lines in about a year.

Sofidel America Adding More Jobs

July 29th, 2019, Town of Inola


The Sofidel plant located just outside Inola is hiring an additional 150 jobs as the plant ramps up new operation.  They held a job fair in partnership with the Muscogee Creek Nation on Monday, July 29th at Sofidel’s current tissue paper facility, 420 S. 145th East Ave. in Tulsa.  The new facility outside Inola will house a factory on 50 acres under roof and will be the largest employer in the Inola 74036 zip code to date.  This facility is located at the Inola River / Rail Industrial Park.  For more on Sofidel, go to

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Inola Updates


Inola, Oklahoma, which is east of Tulsa about 28 miles, is known as "The Hay Capital of The World."  What once was a 'little village' has grown into a nice rural/suburban town of nearly 2000 people inside city limits, almost 7,000 for the Inola zip code (74036), and is in one of the fastest growing counties (Rogers) in the state of Oklahoma!


Fair Housing Announcement

The Town of Inola urges all citizens of Inola to follow the concepts, practices and intent embodied by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Oklahoma in regard to Fair Housing and urge any citizen having issues relating to Fair Housing contact the office of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development – Oklahoma City Field Office at 405-609-8404,



Inola Town Hall: 543-2430
Inola Public Schools: 543-3100
Inola Non-emergency Police: 543-2430
Inola Non-emergency Fire : 543-2430
Inola Tag Agency: 543-3530



Roger’s County Sheriff: 918-341-3535
Roger’s County Court House: 918-923-4400
Roger’s County Election Board: 918-341-2965
Roger’s County Youth Shelter: 918-341-7580
Roger’s County Health Department: 918-341-3166
Roger’s County DHS: 918-283-8300

American Red Cross: 918-831-1100



AEP/PSO Electric: 888-216-3523
TDS Telephone: 866-571-6662

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