Planning Commissions

Planning Commission will meet quarterly on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. 

Zoning Regulations

City of Inola Code Book


The Town of Inola has been working on updating a number of resources to help with zoning, municipal code, planning ang growth for the Town of Inola.  Please see below for these new documents and resources:

Older Zoning Information

The information below provides a list of the sections contained in the City of Inola Zoning Regulations.  Please click on any section in BLUE to open this section as an online PDF document.  

City of Inola Zoning Districts

Definition of Zoning Districts PDF


Zoning Provisions

Section 1.0 - Introduction & Overview

Section 2.1 - Agricultural

Section 2.3 - Residential

Section 2.5 - Parking

Section 2.6 - Office

Section 2.7 - Commercial

Section 2.8 - Industrial

Section 2.9 - Mining

Section 2.20 - Flood

Section 3.0 - Use Conditions

Section 4.0 - General Regulations

Section 5.0 - Nonconforming Structures and Uses

Section 6.0 - Board of Adjustment

Section 7.0 - Administration, Enforcement and Amendment

Section 8.0 - Zoning Definitions

Section 9.0 - Invalidity; Repeal


Consult the town office in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded or repealed.