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New Town Hall
900 James Ct.



Inola Town Hall: 543-2430
Inola Public Schools: 543-3100
Inola Non-emergency Police: 543-2430
Inola Non-emergency Fire : 543-2430
Inola Tag Agency: 543-3530



Roger’s County Sheriff: 341-3535
Roger’s County Court House: 341-2518
Roger’s County Election Board: 341-2965
Roger’s County Youth Shelter: 341-7580
Roger’s County Health Department: 341-3166
Roger’s County DHS: 283-8300

American Red Cross: 343-1803



AEP/PSO Electric: 888-216-3523
TDS Telephone: 866-571-6662

As the legislative body, the Inola City Council is responsible for:

  • setting City policy through ordinances and resolutions

  • adopting the City’s budget

  • passing Ordinances which become City laws

  • making performance auditing decisions

  • monitors the operation and performance of city agencies

  • and holds regular oversight meetings on city departments to determine how programs are working and whether budgeted funds are being spent well.


In its decision-making roles, the City Council actively involves the  public through its regular public meetings.  In addition, the Council acts in a quasi-judicial role in hearing appeals regarding actions taken by a number of City agencies. 

City Council

and Inola City Leadership

City Council

Seat #1     Dan Corle
Seat #2    Larry Grigg, Mayor
Seat #3    Billy Wilson
Seat #4    Darlene Shear, Vice Mayor
Seat #5    Trent Bynum

Town Clerk - Brandi Powell

Town Treasurer - Kimberly Tucker


Water & Sewer - Billy Wilson

Streets & Properties - Dan Corle

Police & Fire - Trent Bynum

Cemetery & Parks- Darlene Shear

The Town of Inola is now accepting applications for the position of Town Treasurer. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, accounting, taxes, payroll, and basic office duties. Experience in these areas is considered a plus. All candidates must pass a background check and drug test. Due to this being an elected position, applicants must live within Inola city limits to be eligible. The office of Treasurer will be due for re-election in 2024. Please apply in person at Inola Town Hall located at 900 James Court, Inola.

Employment Application

Public Works Authority (PWA)

PWA Supervisor -

PWA Employee - 

PWA Employee-         Colton Stringfellow



James Kilpatrick​

Michael Farrier


City Council

Public Water Authority Board

Planning and Zoning Board

Rural Economic Development of Inola 

Library Board

Cemetary Board

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