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Inola Animal Shelter

Contact Inola Police Department 

for shelter information.


Officer Jacob Johnson -

Animal Control


Animal Ordinances

 Animal Regulations for Inola

This includes ALL animal ordinances for the Town of Inola


Animal Ordinance 13-01

 Full details on Inola regulations regarding animals and large lifestock within city limits 

Animal Ordinance 2021-07

Amendment of Animal at Large Fines


Animal Control

Licensing and Rules for Our Furry Friends 

Inola Animal Control is dedicated to:

  • Protecting the citizens of Inola from rabies

  • Reducing the incidence of unidentified stray animals by promoting responsible pet ownership through requirement of sterilization, vaccination and Inola Town registration tags

  • Enforcing animal control laws

SECTION 4-116 of the Inola Animal Ordinance - Dogs and Cats Limits
Section A. - No person shall own, possess, keep or harbor or allow to be kept or harbored more than three (3) dogs or three (3) cats, four (4) months or older, within the town limits of the Town of Inola. This provision shall not require any person presently (at the time of the ordinance) owning or harboring more than three (3) dogs or three (3) cats, four (4) months old or older to give away, sell, or otherwise lawfully dispose of any of their dogs or cats. However, said person shall not be allowed to acquire additional dogs or cats or replace any dogs or cats above the limitations set forth herein.
Section B - No person may operate a kennel within the town limits for pecuniary gain or as a commercial business.


Registration is required for all resident dogs, cats, rabbits, and poultry kept within the Inola city limits.  Owners must register their animals with the police clerk at City Hall. After registration, owners will receive a tag for each animal from the Inola Police Department or other designated individual. 


  • One time fee of $15.00 for any Male or Female Dog or Cat more than 6 months of age

  • One time fee of $5.00 for any Rabbit, Fowl or other animal kept within city limits.

Owners are responsible for keeping their animals properly confined and for making sure all dogs or cats are wearing their tags at all times.  Rabbits, poultry and other animals will not wear tags but the owner must keep the tags and use these to show proof of registration should the animal be caught roaming free.


If your dog or cat is properly registered and then found running loose (at large), the owner will be contacted immediately and the dog or cat will be returned to the owner with no fine for the first three incidents.  Since animals other than dogs or cats are not required to wear tags, Animal Control will likely not be able to identify ownership and contact the owner.

If your animal is caught roaming free and is not registered, it will be impounded and owners will be fined. First offense of an animal at large in a 12 month period is $150 per animal, $250 for second offense, $350 for the third, and $500 for the fourth offense (Ord. 2021-07). On the fourth offense the owner will be ordered to remove the animal from the municipal limits of the Town of Inola within 30 days.


 Owners will be required to register their animal prior to getting them back and must also provide documentation that the animal has been immunized against rabies.  If the animal has not been properly immunized prior to capture, the owner will need to pay for immunization prior to receiving their animal back. 

Animal Control will keep any animal caught roaming free for 72 hours.  After 72 hours, any unclaimed animal will then be taken to Catoosa Animal Shelter. If you are missing a dog and think it might have been picked up by Inola Animal Control, please come by the Town Office or call 918-543-2430.  We keep a list of dogs with pictures that are held in our Animal Control holding facility.  The Animal Control facility is not open to the public but the town office will have all needed information.


Inola Animal Control does have a few wildlife/feral animal traps available for loan to the citizens within Inola city limits. A Trap Release form must be filled out in person at Town Hall located at 900 James Ct. in Inola during normal business hours. M-F 8-5 except Holidays.


The live trap will be set on the designated property by Inola Animal Control on Monday (Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday) and picked up on Friday. If the weather is extreme or the work week is short due to holidays or staffing, Inola Animal Control may choose not to set traps for that period. If so, you will automatically be on the following week’s list. 

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