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Inola Town buys Property for New City Hall

Image 1: Location of New Inola City Hall Proprty

After years of discussion regarding the need for a new Inola City Office and Town Hall Building and battling repairs and remodels on the old building, the Town of Inola has closed on the purchase of new property located at Block 1, Lot 2 within the Jim Summerlin Industrial Park on the North side of Inola city limits.

This property was purchased from the Rogers County Industrial Development Authority (RCIDA), a public trust. The property is 1.94 acres and will be big enough to house the building for all offices and city hall with sufficient seating, police station, parking, and possibly an inpound lot.

Once final paperwork has been received and deed updated, the Town of Inola will begin work with an architect to design the new facility.

Image 2: Current City Hall


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